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Research Coordination Office

Focus of the RCO is to enhance the conditions of the scientific research and education carried out at Naturalis and to offer professional support to the scientific directorate and staff in their activities.

The function of the RCO is to:

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Core activities of the RCO include:

Assistance in obtaining external funding

Permanent scientific staff members of Naturalis are expected to obtain additional research positions through external funding. This involves research funded by general funding agencies (NWO, EU), but also research financed by or carried out in co-operation with companies, governments and NGO’s. The RCO assists in the preparation of project proposals, in safeguarding both the internal and external application procedures and the quality management of the projects when honored.

Support office for PhD candidates

The RCO administrates all necessary information on our PhD candidates, and provides information on the procedures at the respective universities. In the supervision and education of PhD candidates at Naturalis, the RCO works closely together with these Graduate Schools of our partner universities (University of Leiden, University of Amsterdam and Wageningen University) and the national Wageningen based Graduate School Production Ecology and Resource Conservation (PE&RC).

Front office for teaching activities

The RCO formulates the Naturalis teaching policy and further develops the relationships with partner universities and other educational institutes. Additionally the RCO coordinates and administrates the teaching activities of Naturalis and both BSc and MSc student projects.

Reporting on the scientific output

For the evaluation of the Naturalis research activities and the justification of our funding Naturalis has formulated several Key Performance Indicators. It is the RCO responsibility to gather and analyse this information. The gathering of Naturalis’ scientific output is professionalized by using the current research information system CONVERIS.

Management of the corporate research policy

The RCO facilitates the gathering of information for the annual (re)formulation of the corporate policy of Naturalis and the eventual activity plans. This policy is based on the current-state-of-affairs in our domains and specifies the ambitions of the institute. Input is given from the scientific directorate and the Scientific Advisory Board [link].

Contact: RCO@naturalis.nl

The RCO formally includes Naturalis’ Expert Center, which coordinates the expert services provided by our scientists to wide range of stakeholders.