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Persoonia aims to publish papers dealing with molecular phylogeny and evolution of fungi. 

A further aim is to promote fungal taxonomy by employing a polythetic approach to clarify the true phylogeny and relationships within the kingdom Fungi. The journal publishes high-quality papers elucidating known and novel fungal taxa at the DNA level, and also strives to present novel insights into evolutionary processes and relationships. Papers to be considered include research articles, topical reviews and book reviews. Papers are published using a fast-track system. This means that the papers are published immediately online and freely available through the Internet via the website. In the hard copy volumes: twice a year (June and December) the online published papers are bound. These volumes will now be published in A4 format and full color. Persoonia is a journal published jointly by the National Herbarium of the Netherlands and the Fungal Biodiversity Centre.

Official website: www.persoonia.org

Editors-in-Chief: Dr J. Geml and Prof. dr P.W. Crous

Layout editor: C.G.G. Baak

Contact details: jozsef.geml@naturalis.nl