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Flora Malesiana

Flora Malesiana is a floristic treatment of the plant species (flowering plants and ferns) in Malesia.

It is the first flora for this region that includes Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea. A monographic approach is often used to describe the species, estimated to number some 40,000, including long detailed descriptions, full synonymy, and literature references.

Twenty volumes have been published so far in Series I (Volumes 2 and 3, intended for vegetation descriptions and ecology are never written) and Series II contains 4 volumes. Together, the treated species cover about 20% of the flora.Treatments are prepared by internationally renowned taxonomists.

The installments contain family treatments, single when concerning a large family (or at most two installments as with Moraceae), several together when small families are involved. Every family has introductory chapters about morphology, anatomy, pollen, and other topics of interest, followed by a key to the genera, keys to the species and species descriptions.

The reader can, in conjunction with the digital family key produced by Kew and Leiden, Flora Malesiana can be used to identify species, to obtain about uses, references, anatomy, vernacular names, pollen, pollination, etc. Often Flora Malesiana contains the first drawings of species. A Flora Malesiana Data portal is under construction: dev.e-taxonomy.eu/dataportal/flora-malesiana/

Editors-in-Chief: Prof. Dr P.W. van Welzen and Dr H.P. Nooteboom

Layout editor: C.G.G. Baak, E. Winkel