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About Endless forms

The core of Naturalis’s activities, as well as the inner drive of most of its scientists, is a fascination with biodiversity

Biodiversity, the diversity of manifestations of life, is particularly obvious in morphological diversity: disparity in the shape and function of entire bodies and their constituent organs. Therefore, in 2015, Naturalis has started a research group to document the processes and routes by which this morphological diversity evolves. This is the group “Endless Forms”, named after Darwin’s famous final sentence in On the Origin of Species.

Our research is structured along these axes:

1) temporal (micro-evolution grading into macro-evolution)
2) methodological (experimental, descriptive or analytical)
3) conceptual (selection vs. constraints; biotic vs. abiotic selection; key innovations vs. species-level specializations)
4) fundamental vs. applied

Research Teams of Endless Forms

To address these various levels of understanding, Endless Forms comprises seven research teams, each grouped around one permanent researcher, and jointly led by Dr. Barbara Gravendeel and Dr. Martin Rücklin.

Collaborations of Endless Forms

Within Naturalis, we make broad use of the collections, the computational facilities, and the molecular and morphology labs. Elsewhere in Leiden, we also closely collaborate with research groups and labs at the Institute of Biology Leiden, the University of Applied Sciences Leiden, and Leiden University Medical Centre.

Where we are: Endless Forms

You will find us in two locations: On the 3th floor of the main building of Naturalis (at Vondellaan 55), and on the 6th floor of the Sylvius Lab. 

Our teaching: Endless Forms

Endless Forms organises and contributes to several courses in the BSc and MSc biology curricula of Leiden University. We also created a MOOC (“Evolution Today”), which is on Coursera. In addition, we regularly offer positions for students from all universities to do their final year projects with us. If you are interested, contact any of the Endless Forms research team heads.

Drop by at Endless Forms

Interested? Feel free to drop on our twice-monthly group meetings (2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, 16.00 h in the Sylvius Lab and the canteen of the Vondellaan 55, respectively), or on our monthly journal club (every first Tuesday of the month, 17:30 h, in café Meneer Jansen).