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Checklist Moths of Bhutan

Generating knowledge on invertebrates for the Bhutanese society – a cooperation of Bhutanese and Dutch experts

Checklist of the moths of Bhutan (Cees Gielis & Karma Wangdi)

Extensive field work in the last couple of years has resulted in a strong increase of the number of species of moths known to occur in Bhutan. Currently (1 March 2018) almost 900 species are known from Bhutan but it is likely that this number will steadily increase in the next few years. In order to facilitate further work information on species is combine on information sheets. These sheets will contain a picture of the species and the genitalia, a map of the distribution and information on host plant, flight period and altitude. These sheets will be published as pdf-files. It will not be possible to produce sheets for all species. Whether or not a sheet is available for a certain species can be seen in the excel file. New sheets will be published regularly. At present only sheets for Tortricidae and Pterophoridae are available (see below).

Please contact Cees Gielis (pterophoridae@gmail.com) for additional information. 


 Checklist of the moths of Bhutan (excel file)


Family: Number of species

Argyresthiidae: 1 species

Autostichidae: 1 species

Brahmaeidae: 2 species

Callidulidae: 2 species

Carposinidae: 2 species

Coleophoridae: 1 species

Cosmopterigidae: 1 species

Cossidae: 4 species

Crambidae: 139 species

Depressariidae: 1 species

Drepanidae: 15 species

Endromidae: 2 species

Epicopiidae: 1 species

Erebidae: 162 species

Eupterotidae: 7 species

Euteliidae: 2 species

Gelechiidae: 3 species

Geometridae: 62 species

Gracillariidae: 4 species

Hepialidae: 4 species

Lasiocampidae: 41 species

Limacodidae: 51 species

Noctuidae: 81 species

Nolidae: 28 species

Notodontidae: 26 species

Plutellidae: 1 species

Praydidae: 1 species

Psychidae: 0 species

Pterophoridae: 26 species

Pyralidae: 61 species

Saturniidae: 33 species

Sesiidae: 2 species

Sphingidae: 65 species

Thyrididae: 2 species

Tineidae: 3 species

Tortricidae: 24 species

Uraniidae: 3 species

Yponomeutidae: 1 species

Zygaenidae: 11 species