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Sustainable food production

Research into pollinators helps make our food production more sustainable.

Efficient production

Not only the threatened honeybees, but a variety of pollinators are contributing to our food production. Sometimes bumblebees, hoverflies and wild bees even cater for a better quality product. The results of a joint survey with Alterra and European Invertebrate Survey (EIS-Nederland) on the pollination of apples and blueberries, point in that direction. Wild pollinators can yield more and better quality crops.

Pollination predictions

Using the data that Naturalis and our partners worldwide are gathering, it will be possible to make predictions about pollination and food production. We have a database of 350,000 bumblebees, collected over the past 100 years. Combining these data with geographic information as well as data on urbanization, plant diversity, and climate models, will yield information about our landscape and its suitability for pollinators in the future. This will provide basic input for government policy on land use.