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Phylogeny of Tipulomorpha

Phylogeny, character evolution and historical biogeography of Tipulomorpha (Insecta, Diptera)

This team work on the evolution of the Lower Diptera with special emphasis on Tipulomorpha (crane flies and allies, currently with approximately 15,750 described recent species). Present research focuses on the origin of the Diptera as evidenced by a phylogenetic analysis of panorpid (scorpionfly-like) fossils since the Late Carboniferous, and a comparative morphological examination of internal structures of the male genitalia of recent species of Mecoptera (scorpionflies) and Lower Diptera using 3D micro CT scans.

Herman de Jong

Photo: 3D scan of the male genital system of Bittacus pilicornis (Mecoptera, scorpionflies).