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Rob van Soest

Dr. R.W.M. (Rob) van Soest, Research associate - Marine Biodiversity


Email: rob.vansoest@naturalis.nl
Phone: +31 (0)71 751 7313
Room number: C.02.09, Darwinweg 2


Research interest

Taxonomy of Porifera

The emphasis is on species discovery, revision of  genera, and biogeography, guided by materials collected during many past expeditions and fieldwork trips. Next to these activities I will continue to work as editor in chief of the World Porifera Database.


sponges, biogeography, taxonomy

Current research topics

In the forthcoming period I will concentrate on collections made along the coasts of West Africa and the Macaronesian Islands (CANCAP- and Mauritania II Expeditions), and Central West Atlantic material collected a.o. during Luymes- and CICAR expeditions in Netherlands Antilles and Guyanan waters. A special project is the study of the calcareous sponges of Indonesia.


Porifera experts throughout the world.



Not applicable.

Available student projects


Naturalis Repository


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