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Pingping Chen

Dr. P. (Pingping) Chen, Research associate - Taxonomy and Systematics


Email: p.chen@minlnv.nl
Phone: +31 (0)317 496642
Room number: under construction


Scientific affiliation

1984-1996: Member of Entomological Society of China.

1993-2002: Member of Entomological Society of Taiwan.

1994-1996: Committee member of Beijing Entomological Society, China.

1996-present: Member of Entomological Society of the Netherlands (NEV).

2007-present: Member of Arbeitskreis Zikaden Mitteleuropas (AKZM, Germany).


Research interest

Taxonomy of biogeography of aquatic and semiaquatic Heterotpera; Auchenorrhnycha (Homoptera) & Psylloidea of Middle Europe. Dutch fauna of Aphidoidea.

Research projects

1980 – 1990: Collaborator of Natural Sythetical Scientific Expeditions of Academia Sinica, involved in the faunistic study of aquatic bugs (Hemiptera) of China. Supported by National Funadation for Natural Science. Result: published papers.

1987-1989: Faunistic study of  Oriental water bugs. Supported by Ministry of Education and Sciences, The Netherlands. Result: published monograph.

1990 – 1991: Sino-America joint project: Biological Control of Aquatic Weeds, which related with quarantine species and selection of biological control agents. Supported by American Agricultural Research Service (ARS)/USDA, as leader from Chinese team. Result: published paper and symposia posters.

1994-1995: Edible Insects in Thailand and Faunistic study of  Hemiptera. Supported by Naresuan University, Thailand.

1995-2000: Faunistic study of Chinese water bugs (Hemiptera). Supported by National Funadation For Natural Science. Result: monograph of Chinese Saldidae & Gerridae.

1998-2000: Fauna Malesiana project: Aquatic bugs (Hemiptera). Supported by Ministry of Science and Education, The Netherlands & Minitry of Forest, Indonesia. Result: handbook.

May 2005: EU Synthesys project in Viena: Review of Philippines aquatic bugs. supported by European Community. Result: publication.

Since 1996: Faunistic study of Heteroptera of Thailand. Project initiator and organizer. Supported by NEV Uyttenboogaart-Eliasen Stichting,  and Chiang Mai University, Thailand.Result: publications.

Since 2006: Faunistic survey of Nederlands Insects’ fauna, Zomerbijeenkomst, orgenized by Nederland Entomologische Vereiniging. Result: Publishing jointly the species list of the excursion yearly.

Since 2007. Faunistic study of Middle European Auchenorrhyncha: Torino, Italy (2007), Darmstadt, Germany (2008). Result: Publishing jointly the species list of the excursion yearly.

April 2008: EU Synthesys project in Paris: Review of African Ranatrinae (Heteroptera: Nepidae).  Supported by European Community. Result: coming publications.

2008. Interne Project of Plant Protection Service, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality: Survey Bevestigen van uitheemse biologische bestrijders. (Heteroptera: Miridae & Anthocoridae).



Current research topics

Since 2008: Internal Project of Plant Protection Service, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality: Survey of aphids (Hemiptera: Homoptera: Aphidoidea) on imported bamboo plants (Family: Aphididae).






Available student projects


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