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Mega Atria

M. (Mega) Atria, MSc., PhD candidate - Biodiversity Discovery


Email: mega.atria@naturalis.nl
Phone: +31 (0)71-5273524
Room number: 2.04.14


I am doing my PhD based on my MSc. project which I carried out at the University of Indonesia in 2005. There are still many scientific questions to answer.  My research is about the rattan, which is a famous taxa within Palms family, and Indonesia is one of the biggest rattan producer countries in the world.


Left: Rattan (Calamus javensis), right: Polyphyllus inflor


  Research activities  
2010-2011 Study on morphological and molecular Flower variation of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. University of Indonesia, Bogor Botanical Garden and Cibodas Botanical Garden Research member
(National Strategic Fund/STRANAS) 
2009-2010 E-learning based interactive multimedia in ecosystem and biodiversity teaching in general Main researcher (institution based competition fund ) (Programme B1.1) 
2008-2011 Indigenous studies on Indonesia Traditional Heritage: Social and Biological Aspects of Daluang (Dluwang): The Paper of Saeh Plant (Broussonetia papyrifera Vent.)

Reaserch member (University of Indonesia Excellent Research)

2008 E-learning based Multimedia module of enriched integrated General Biology

Research member
Program Hibah Kompetensi berbasis Institusi (PHKI-program B1.1)

  Professional trainings, workshops  
2013 Flora Malesiana Symposium (poster) Bogor, Indonesia
2010 Flora Malesiana Symposium (speaker) Singapore
2008 International Conference on Alfred Russel Wallace and Wallacea, organised by Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI) (participant) Makassar, South Sulawesi (Indonesia)

Training “Ecosystem Approach on biodiversity management”, organised by KEHATI/Utrecht University, Utrecht (participant)


Workshops on “Taxonomy Assessment GTI-CBD in Indonesia” (participant)

Cisarua, West Java (Indonesia)
2005-2008 MSc  “The Genus Calamus (Arecaceae, subfamily Calamoideae, tribe calameae) section Coleospathus in Sumatra, Indonesia” Dept. of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, University of Indonesia (majoring in plant taxonomy)
1988-1995 Bachelor degree by research with title "The influence of several urea concentrations onChlorella pyrenoidosa Chick. in Beneck Modification” Dept. of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, University of Indonesia (majoring in plant taxonomy)


Research interest

Calamus javensis is one of the very polymorphic rattan species (climbing palms) spread over SE Asia and W Malesia. The species concept is a problem, in the course of time several species have been recognised and united again, likewise with many infraspecific names.

The cane of Calamus javensis is among the major commercial rattans, second in quality to Calamus caesius. Rattan forms one of the minor forest products in Asia, but the collection of it provides a major source of income to many locals. Future research should clarify which forms in the Calamus javensis complex provide the highest quality rattan. In the present study the distribution areas of the local forms can already be modelled via Species Distribution Modelling (via the ecological traits of known collection localities, all other localities can be evaluated for suitability, resulting in a distribution model for the forms). These models, linked to species abundance and soil use can indicate which forms are threatened with extinction and which forms can still be collected for their rattan in an as much sustainable way as possible.

Purpose of the PhD research is to clarify the species concept by sequencing DNA for phylogenetic and phylogeographic analyses. This can best be done on silica dried material collected in the field. The species complex is most diverse in N and W Borneo (Sabah, Brunei, Sarawak).


calamus javensis, rattan, phylogeny

Current research topics

Phylogeny and Biogeography of the rattan Calamus javensis Blume Complex (Arecaceae, Calamoideae).


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