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Kenneth Monsch

Dr. K.A. (Kenneth, Ken) Monsch, Research associate - Taxonomy and Systematics


Email: kenneth.monsch@naturalis.nl
Phone: +31 (0)71 56 87 674
Room number: D.01.45


Biology and palaeontology are amongst the most fascinating research areas that I know. I am excited to have been involved with this sicence ever since my student days. Although my career possibilities are wide open at the moment, I have been mostly involved with research and teaching in subjects such as palaeontology, zoology, ichthyology and systematics.


Youth. I was born in 1971 on the Caribbean Dutch island of Curacao. From an early age I was fascinated by the variety of tropical animals and by popular palaeontology books for kids. At age 16 I moved to the Netherlands.

Studies (1989-1995). I studied biology at Wagengen University UR, where I specialised in taxonomy and systematics. I did projects in entomological and botanical systematics. For the latter I had an internship in Burkina Faso (West-Africa), where I studied local Acacia trees. The results of this research were later published (see pulications, Monsch & Van der Maesen, 1994). My first major adventure in palaeontology came with an MSc thesis carried out at Groningen University. this concerned an inventory of the Miocene ichthyofauna of the Amazonia basin, South America (see list of publications, Monsch 1998).

PhD (1996-2000). The Phylogeny of the Scomboid Fishes, at the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Bristol. A preliminary cladistic analysis of mackerel-like fishes (Recent and fossil taxa combined), based on morphological characters.

Assistant Professorship (2001-2006). Department of Vertebrate Zoology (now closed), Instute of ZoologyUniversity of Wroclaw, Poland.

Honorary Researcher (2007-currently). Department of Geology, National Museum of Natural History Naturalis, Leiden, The Netherlands.

Professional Membership. Netherlands Institute of Bioscience (NIBI), the Dutch society of biology students, teachers, biologists and medical biologists.

Editorship. Handling editor of papers on palaeozoology of the World Journal of Zoology, an on-line publishing platform of Idosi, which publishes more on-line journals on a variety of subjects.


Research interest

Evolution of ray-finned fishes using the fossil record

I have mainly worked on scombroids (mackerel-likes) so far. I publish taxonomic and phylogenetic revisions of fossil species and am preparing a phylogenetic analysis of Recent and fossil taxa combined. I will incorporate molecular data into future analyses.

Theory, practice and philosophy of taxonomy and evolutionary biology

I intend to give much attention to the problem of missing data in phylogenetic analysis, mainly focusing on studies with fossil taxa.



Current research topics







Available student projects


Where there is no link for download, please send me an  for a copy of the paper or thesis. 


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