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Kees van Achterberg

Prof. Dr. Ing. C. (Kees) van Achterberg, Research associate - Taxonomy and Systematics


Email: kees.vanachterberg@naturalis.nl
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Education (degrees, dates, universities): 

  • 1967-1970: Agricultural College Dordrecht (B. Agr. (cum laude; “Ing.”))
  • 1970-1973: State University Leiden (B. Sc. (biology))
  • 1973-1976: State University Leiden (M. Sc. (biology (cum laude))
  • 1976: State University Leiden (Ph. D.)  

Career/Employment (employers, positions, universities): 

  • 1973-1976: State University Leiden (teaching assistant in entomology)
  • 1976: Visser 't Hooft School, Leiden (teacher in biology)
  • 1977-2006: National Museum of Natural History, Leiden (curator of  Hymenoptera/Diptera)
  • 2006-present: National Museum of Natural History, Leiden (senior researcher/curator of  Hymenoptera) 
  • 2003-present: Agricultural and Forestry University of Fuzhou (Fujian) and University of Hangzhou (Zhejiang) (visiting professorships)


Research interest

Taxonomy, systematics and phylogeny of Braconidae, Stephanidae, Pamphiliidae and Heloridae.

  • Revision of the genus Heratemis Walker (Braconidae: Alysiinae) (first author: Salmah Yaakop, Leiden) Submitted: Tijdschr. Ent.
  • The braconid parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) of seed predators of Dipterocarpaceae in Malaysia. (with Y.F. Ng & A.B. Idris) . Submitted: J. Nat. Hist.
  • A new subgenus of the genus Colastes Haliday (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Exothecinae) for species living in bracket fungi, with description of two new species from NW. Europe. (with M.R. Shaw). Submitted:  J. Nat. Hist.
  • Sculptolobus gen. nov. (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Braconinae), with description oftwo new species from China. (first author:  J-Q. Yang)
  • Fauna Europaea Project: Braconidae (updating)
  • Revision of the Oriental genera of the tribe Alysiini (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Alysiinae) (with Salma Yaakop, Leiden)
  • Review of the European Opiinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)  (second author: Jan-Willem van Zuijlen, Waalwijk)
  • Taxonomic chapter of the " atlas bijen van Nederland" 
  • Review of Dutch Gasteruptiidae
  • Revision of the Palaeotropical Macrocentrinae (Braconidae) 
  • Several small papers on the taxonomy and phylogeny of Braconidae
  • Revision f the West Palaearctic species of the genus Aleiodes Wesmael (Braconidae: Rogadinae) (with Dr M.R. Shaw, Edinburgh) 
  • The families of Hymenoptera of the world 
  • Revision of the genus Asobara Foerster (Braconidae: Alysiinae) 
  • Review of the Braconidae of Sulawesi and adjacent islands 
  • Revision of the Neotropical Macrocentrinae (Braconidae) 
  • Review of the genera of the Braconidae


Current research topics




Available student projects


Naturalis Repository

Recent publications

Achterberg, C. van, 2007. Geriefhoutbosjes: hotspots voor sluipwespen.‑ Ent. Ber., Amst. 67 (6): 204-208, figs 1-7.

Jong, R. de & Achterberg, C. van, 2007. Global disjunctions and flying insects: 6-44, figs 1-16. In: Renema, W. (ed.). Biogeopgraphy, Time and Place. Distributions, Barriers and Islands.‑ Topics in Geobiology 29: 1-414.

Fontaine, B., Bouchet, P., Achterberg, C. van et al., 2007. The European union’s 2010 target: Puting rare species in focus.‑ Biol. Conserv. 139: 167-185.

Mitsui H., Achterberg, C. van, Nordlander, G. & Kimura, M.T., 2007. Geographical distributions and host associations of larval parasitoids of frugivorous Drosophilidae in Japan.‑ J. nat. Hist. 41: 1731-1738.

Long, K.D. & Achterberg, C. van, 2007. Five new species of the genus Spinaria Brullé (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Rogadinae) from Vietnam.‑ Zool. Med. Leiden 81 (9): 161-174, figs 1-69.

Achterberg, C. van, 2007. Revision of the genus Spinaria Brullé (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Rogadinae), with keys to genera and species of the subtribe Spinariina van Achterberg.‑ Zool. Med. Leiden 81 (2): 11-83, figs 1-212.

Achterberg, C. van, 2007. Nogmaals parasiet of parasitoid.‑ Buzz Nieuwsbrief Sectie Hymenoptera NEV 25: 49-52.

Burgio, G., Lanzoni, A., Navone, P., Achterberg, C. van & Masetti, A., 2007. Parasitic Hymenoptera fauna on Agromyzidae (Diptera) colonizing weeds in ecological compensation areas in Northern Italian agroecosystems.‑ Journal of Economic Entomology 100: 298-306.

Achterberg, C. van, & Quicke, D.L.J., 2006 Taxonomic notes on Old World Stephanidae (Hymenoptera): description of Parastephanellus matsumotoi sp. n. from Japan, redescription of Commatopus xanthocephalus (Cameron) and keys to the generaProfoenatopus van Achterberg and Megischus Brullé. – Tijdschrift voor Entomologie 149: 215-225, figs 1-16.

Haye, T., Achterberg, C. van, Goulet, H., Barratt, B.I.P. & Kuhlmann, U., 2006. Potential for classical biological control of the potato bug Closterotomus norwegicus (Hemiptera: Miridae): description, parasitism and host specificty of Peristenus closterotomae sp. n. (Hymenoptera: Braconidae).‑ Bull. ent. Res. 96: 421-431, figs 1-15, tables 1-3.

Achterberg, C. van, 2006. The Braconidae (Hymenoptera) of Greenland.‑ Zool. Med. Leiden 80-1: 13-62, figs 1-179.

Achterberg, C. van, 2006. European species of the genus Helorus Latreille (Hymenoptera: Heloridae), with description of a new species from Sulawesi (Indonesia).‑ Zool. Med. Leiden 80-1: 1-12, figs 1-18.

Achterberg, C. van & Yu, D.S., 2006. Taxapad Braconidae: a new interactive catalogue for Braconidae (Hymenoptera): 30. In: Brothers, D.J. (ed.). Programme and Abstracts Sixth International Conference of Hymenopterists: 1-53.– Sun City.

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