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John Smit

J.T. (John) Smit, Research associate EIS - Biodiversity Discovery


Email: john.smit@naturalis.nl
Phone: 071- 7519359
Room number: Darwinweg 4, 1st floor


Research interest

My personal interest lies with Diptera, mainly hoverflies (Syrphidae) and large fruit flies (Tephritidae), both faunistical and taxonomical. For obvious reasons the Dutch fauna has recieved much of my attention. Some ten years ago a group of enthousiastic syrphid workers has initiated the Dutch Hoverfly Recordings scheme in which I participated. This has lead to several new discoveries and an incredible increase of the knowledge, some of which has been published in separate papers. However the majority is summarized in the Dutch Distribution Atlas, published in the series 'Nederlandse Fauna' (Dutch Fauna): Reemer et al. 2009 (Nederlandse zweefvliegen).

As for the Tephritids, in 2010 the key for the Dutch fauna has been published in the series Entomologische Tabellen: (Nederlandse Boorvliegen). This key includes all 83 species recorded from the Netherlands and an additional 20 species from the surroundings, making the key complete for Belgium, Luxembourgh and Great Brittain. 
The next step will be a provisional distribution atlas, due somewhere in the comming years.

Besides the Dutch fauna I have expanded my workingfield to the Palearctic, and even beyond. Several collecting trips, mainly within Europe, but also for instance in the Russian Altay mountains, have yielded a large amount of material. Some of these results have been published (Madeira, Turkey and Yemen, though material not collected by me), others are in preparation. 

Since I started guiding tours in Peru (see part on Stichting BEE) I gradually became interested in the Neotropical fauna. I spent most of my time in South America in the jungle in Southeast Peru. The type of forest there is characterised by the presence of bamboo (Guadua sp.) and this turned out to be the hostplant of several Ulidiidae and Richardiidae (Diptera: Tephritoidea). The first projects initiated based on this material is a revision of the genusPterocerina (Ulidiidae) together with Elena Kameneva (Kiev, Ukraine) and a revision of theOedematella group of genera (Richardiidae) together with Lisiane Wendt (Manaus, Brasil). Many more projects are pending not only Ulidiidae and Richardiidae but also Syrphidae, both taxonomical as well as faunistical, involving material from Peru and Paraguay amongst others.

Ever since my stay at the island of Madeira (Portugal) in 1998, I have been captured by the zoogeography and faunistics of the geographical region Macaronesia (i.e. Azores, Madeira, Canary isles and Cape Verdes). During my time at Madeira I have had the opportunity to survey its entomofauna and entomological collections, which resulted in several papers, mainly on Diptera.

Besides flies I have become intrigued by a magnificent small group of insects, which display a unique and strongly modified parasitic biology and a bizarre appearance: the twisted-winged insects (Strepsiptera). All species are endoparasites developping inside their host. Females of most species show neoteny (with the appearance of a larva) and live inside their hosts, whereas the males are free-living, though only for a few hours. Besides the males only the first instar larvae (triungulines) are free-living and actively search for a new host, in some cases using phoresy by clinging to the potential host mother. For more information see this website (Dutch).

Non entomological activities

Stichting Biodiversiteit en Educatie
Besides my entomological activities I am also a board member of the Dutch foundation Biodiversity and Education (Stichting BEE). This foundation has been set up to focus the attention on the decreasing biodiversity in the world, especially among students and teachers.  For this purpose we organize two educational trips for students to Peru every year. Besides we financially support several educational and biological initiatives in Peru.
For more information: StichtingBEE (Dutch).Or the website of the foundation:www.stichtingbee.nl (Dutch). 


platystomatidae, xenidae, strepsiptera, stylopidae, richardiidae, tephritidae, lucanus, ulidiidae, syrphidae, diptera

Current research topics






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Available student projects


Naturalis Repository



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