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Hans ter Steege

H. (Hans) ter Steege Research Fellow- Botany

Senior Researcher, Amazon Tree Diversity

Phone: +31 71 527 1454
Room Number: van Steenis, B107



Specialised in the study of plant diversity and mechanisms generating and regulating diversity at regional and local scale with a focus on the Neotropics. During the course of previous and current work a large network of collaborating colleagues in the Neotropics has been established; also interested in translation of research findings into implications for policy and management. 

Programme Management

Ten years of programme management in Guyana, responsible for programme development and monitoring, financial management, scientific backstopping, and translation and dissemination of scientific results into recommendations for policy and forest management. Co-ordination of research programmes (Guyana, Vietnam) from the Netherlands. Acting Chair Plant Systematics (2004-2006), acting chair (Plant) Ecology and Biodiversity (2009 – 2011), Utrecht University.


Wide experience with computer technology: relational databases, Pascal programming & modelling, Matlab, R, GIS, spatial statistics.

Tropical Forest Ecology

Ecological and ecophysiological research to investigate mechanisms regulating species diversity in rainforest at small scales. Good working knowledge of forests functions, processes and resource management issues.



2012 – pr.       Nederlands Centrum voor Biodiversiteit, NCB Naturalis. Senior Researcher ‘Amazon Tree Diversity’.

2004 – 2011  Netherlands, Utrecht University. Associate Professor ‘Ecology and Biodiversity’, Research on Biodiversity in the Amazon and Guianan Forest.

2002 – 2004  Netherlands, Utrecht University and Nationaal Herbarium Nederland. Assistant Professor ‘Biodiversity Assessment’, Research on Biodiversity in the Neotropics and Flora of the Guianas.

2001 – 2002  Netherlands, International Institute for Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC). Associate Professor ‘Spatial Analysis of Forest Conservation and Rehabilitation’.

2001                Netherlands, Review work for ECOSYN, Wageningen University.

2001                Netherlands, Utrecht University. Researcher/consultant on contract funds from NRI, UK. Preparation of vegetation maps of Guyana; database support for Herbarium of Guyana Forestry Commission.

1998 – 2000  Netherlands, Tropenbos Foundation, based at Utrecht University, Post-doc Researcher. Research work included integration of plant diversity data for Guyana, with comparison to Guiana Shield and wider Amazon area for National Protected Areas Strategy in Guyana and assessing the long-term effects of timber extraction of tree diversity. At smaller scales work included the role of pH, aluminium and water on forest composition and the supervision of a gap experiment in mixed tropical rain forest. Guyana, Iwokrama International Centre for Rain Forest Conservation and Development. Ecological and utilisation zoning of the Iwokrama Forest (360,000 ha).

1998                Netherlands/Guyana, UNDP (UNOPS). Contract to report on biomass and carbon storage potential of Guyana’s rain forest types and possibilities for carbon mitigation projects. Construction of a carbon model.

1993                Netherlands/Australia, Consultant for Ministry of Works, Ministry of Agriculture. Investigation into the sustainability of the forests management of Conservation and Land Management (West Australian Forest Service).

1992 – 1993  Utrecht University/Tropenbos Foundation, Researcher. Integration and translation of research results of the Tropenbos-Guyana Programme into policy and management recommendations.

1989 – 1993  Utrecht University, PhD research in plant ecology (Patterns in tropical rainforest in Guyana), successfully defended in 1993. Promotor: Professor Marinus J.A. Werger.


2009 – 2011  Chair Ecology and Biodiversity (Ag.).

2004 – 2006  Chair Plant Systematics (Ag.).

2002 – 2011  Member of the Board of Plant Sciences, University Utrecht; member of the Science and Education Board of the National Herbarium Netherlands (-2007); Chairman of the Biodiversity Assessment Task Force of the National Herbarium Netherlands (-2005); Member of the Editorial Board of the Flora of the Guianas (-2009).

2001 – 2002  Scientific Co-ordinator Tropenbos-Vietnam Programme.

1998 – 1999  Tropenbos Foundation, based at Utrecht University, Acting Programme Co-ordinator Tropenbos-Guyana Programme.

1994 – 1998  Guyana, Tropenbos-Guyana Programme, Programme Team-leader, responsible for programme development, monitoring and management, supervision of research, integration and dissemination of results to policy and management.

1989 – 1992  Guyana, Tropenbos-Guyana Programme, Project Leader, responsible for programme management and supervision of research.

1987 – 1989  Guyana, Utrecht University/University of Guyana, 'Forest Project Mabura Hill', Co-ordinating Scientist with main assignments, the realisation of Forest Reserve Mabura Hill with Field Station and supervision of Dutch students in the field.

Teaching, Education, Training

2011                Member of the committee ‘BioStart’ for the restructuring of year 1 and 2 of BSc curriculum.

2010                Chairman of “Commissie Instroom Bachelor opleiding Biologie”

2009 – 2010.        Member of the Education Advisory Committee BSc curriculum (OAC-B).

2002 – pr.       Utrecht University, Coordinator of curriculum courses in Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity and landscape (award for best 2nd year course in 2009-2010), and ‘Survey of the Plant Kingdom’ in 1st year course Biodiversity.

2002 – pr.       Various courses on tropical ecology and biodiversity in the framework of collaborative projects (Brazil, Caxiuana 2004, Manaus 2005; Suriname 2005; Bolivia 2006).

2001                Contract funds from WWF-Guyana and Tropenbos-Guyana. Organisation and leading of course and workshop on Biodiversity protection in Forest Concessions.

1989 – 2001 Utrecht University, occasional lecturer, module on biodiversity, supervision MSc students, PhD students, and Post-docs.

                         University of Guyana, occasional lecturer, supervision MSc students.

1994 – 2001  University of Guyana, External Examiner, MSc Forest Biology Programme.

1987 – 1989  University of Guyana, Visiting lecturer (Survey of the Plant Kingdom, Tropical Ecology, and Neotropical Flora and Plant Taxonomy).

1985 – 1987  Utrecht University, Assistant in courses ‘Survey of the Plant Kingdom’ (1985-1987) for daytime and part time evening students, on ‘Dutch Flora’ (1986), on ‘Neotropical Flora’ (1987).

Research interests

My research focuses on understanding the origin and regulation of biodiversity, which I investigate within the framework of the Amazon Tree Diversity Network (ATDN). I am particularly interested in causes for tree alpha- and beta-diversity, which I coordinate. While trees are my personal pet-plants, I also work with Herbarium material, bryophytes and vascular epiphytes.



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