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Edwin Pos

E.T. (Edwin) Pos, MSc., PhD candidate - Biodiversity Dynamics


Email: edwin.pos@naturalis.nl
Phone: 071-5273587
Room number: Vondellaan von.e03.00.14


Research interest

I'm mostly interested in figuring out how species composition is determined in tropical tree ecosystems. Why are some species dominant while others are rare, is it because of more neutral processes as proposed by Hubbell's Neutral Theory of Biodiversity and Biogeography (2001) or are there other (deterministic) mechanisms at work? The combination between ecological and evolutionary mechanisms and time-scales interest me in answering this and many other questions regarding species composition.


ecology, evolution, biodiversity, neutral theory

Current research topics

How important is migration in maintaining diversity in tropical tree ecosystems? Can we determine the relative importance of stochastic vs deterministic process when it comes to shaping patterns such as the well known species rank abundance curves or species area relationships?


  • Co-promotor: Dr. Hans ter Steege
  • Promotor: prof. Dr. William Laurance



  • Evolutionary Biology level 1 (Lecturer)
  • Evolutionary Biology level 2 (Coordinator and Lecturer)
  • Biodiversity and Landscape (level 3 course on Ecology and the Dutch Flora; Lecturer)
  • Voluntary course in the introduction into the Dutch Flora (Lecturer)
Available student projects