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Bram Breure

Dr. A.S.H. (Bram) Breure, Research associate


Email: bram.breure@naturalis.nl
Phone: +31 (0)6 23 81 44 91
Room number: Darwinweg 4 (flexplek)


Enjoying a 'Cyclic Career', I started in the 1960s with an interest in land and freshwater snails. During my study Biology at Utrecht University I became involved in a study ofBulimulus from the West Indies. This evolved in a life-long interest in Neotropical malacology. After finishing my studies at Leiden University, I worked five years at the Rijksmuseum voor Natuurlijke Historie (the precursor of Naturalis). Having done my Ph.D. thesis in 1979 (Systematics, phylogeny and zoogeography of Bulimulinae (Mollusca); promotor: prof.dr J.T. Wiebes), I followed a non-university career through different avenues.

Since 2007 I re-started my malacological research on Neotropical land-snails and became an Associate Researcher of Naturalis.


Research interest

Systematics, biogeography, evolution  and conservation of Neotropical land snails (Mollusca)

Land snails are very suitable to study evolutionary mechanisms and biogeographical patterns. They can be relatively easily sampled and, because of their low dispersal abilities, are good model organisms for various research themes. Many snails are vulnerable to habitat changes and conservation remains a poorly studied topic in malacology.

Within this broad field, I'm specialized in Neotropical land snails and especially those of the family Orthalicidae sensu lato. This a very speciose group (~1570 species in ca. 50 genera) and highly diverse, ranging from the southern United States of America to southern South America. The group has a Gondwanan origin, still represented in South Africa (1 genus, few species), southern Australia (1 genus, many species) and the southwestern Pacific (several genera, many species).

My main interests are:

How species can be identified. Taxonomy is the basis of many other research fields, including the following.

Which species are found where and why. How can patterns of occurence be explained by historical biogeography, biotic and abiotic factors. I'm also interested in the application of species distribution modelling.

How taxa evolved and what factors are governing this process. Phylogenetic relationships are more than DNA Barcodes.

What species tell us about their habitat and how it has changed or might do so in the future.


neotropical, evolution, mollusca, phylogeny

Current research topics

Biogeography of Neotropical land snails

Several ongoing studies on e.g. Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela and the West Indies. One of the subprojects is aimed at speciation processes in the Guayana Highlands.


Phylogenetics of the Orthalicoidea

The taxonomy at the higher levels in this group is in disarray and needs an in-depth study, including DNA-research, to solve several nomenclatural issues and shed more light on the evolution of this group.


3D visualization in land snail anatomy

Traditional methods of studying internal structures of land snails are typically destructive, such as dissection and histological sectioning. Such techniques are unsuitable for type material, historical or rare museum specimens. Micro CT has been used as an alternative, non-destructive method for studying snail anatomy, and is especially useful for the examination of soft tissue structures such as the genitalia, as their proper shape and placement can be visualised in-situ. This methodology is now further explored and the diversified Orthalicoidea are used as a model group to study further applications.


Miscellaneous notes

Peculiar behaviour was observed in Drymaeus flexuosus (Pfeiffer, 1853) in Colombia. Video by courtesy of Andres Quintero.  Anyone who has observed the same behaviour in whatever species, please contact me with details.  

A very range-restricted West Indian land snail, Cerion nanus (Maynard, 1889), described from a few tiny patches on Little Cayman Island, BWI, was long thought to be extinct. It is listed on the IUCN Red List. Recently a hibernating specimen was observed and local scientists hope to find living specimens later this year when the rains have come. 
A presentation by Pat Shipman and Alan Walker on this interesting case may be found here.


Jonathan Ablett, National History Museum, London, U.K.

Dr. Lisa Kirkendale, Western Australian Museum, Perth, Australia

Prof. Valentín Mogollón, Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal, Lima, Peru

Dr. Luiz Simone, Museu de Zoologia, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Corey Whisson, Western Australian Museum, Perth, Australia

Supervision PhDs


There are opportunities for PhD (and MSc candidates), please contact me.


There are opportunities for PhD (and MSc candidates) candidates, please contact me.




M.Sc. students interested in snails and willing to do some field work in the Neotropics, should consult this document. There is also a possibility to work on evolution of Orthalicoidea; contact me for further details.

Available student projects

Public outreach

Personal website: www.ashbreure.nl, breure.wordpress.com (with a - quite - regular blog on malacological subjects), huntingforsnails.wordpress.com (blog on snails in art).


Naturalis Repository

See also http://www.ashbreure.nl/ for full text of many papers.


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