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Arthur Bos

Dr. Ir. A.R. (Arthur) Bos, Research Associate -


Email: arthurrbos@yahoo.com
Phone: +20 2 2615 2903
Room number: See below

Present position and address:
Associate Professor Marine Biology and Ecology, Department of Biology, School of Sciences and Engineering, The American University in Cairo, P.O. Box 74, New Cairo 11835, Egypt.


External professional activities


Research interest

  • Ecology and species diversity of reef fishes
  • Population ecology of Echinoderms
  • Functioning of Marine Protected Areas
  • Environmental parameters affecting larval and juvenile fish populations
  • Seagrass ecology and habitat restoration


seagrass restoration, echinodermata, marine biodiversity, coral reef ecology, fish biology and taxonomy, population dynamics

Current research topics

Population ecology of Asteroidea

The Indo-Pacific crown-of-thorns sea star Acanthaster planci feeds on coral polyps and is a threat to coral reefs when occurring in high densities (Bos 2010). During those so-called “outbreaks”, this sea star may destroy entire reefs. I have studied population ecology and infestation strategies of the crown-of-thorns sea star since several years and have contributed to understanding the ecological processes of outbreaks.

Left) Crown-of-thorns sea star Acanthaster planci eating coral; Middle) Corallimorpharian polyp attacking a crown-of-thorns sea star; Right) Paracorynactis hoplites.

As the crown-of-thorns is a spiny and poisonous animal, it has only few natural enemies. In 2007, I observed a crown-of-thorns being consumed by a solitary relatively large polyp. This unique and remarkable observation was published in Coral Reefs (Bos et al. 2008) and triggered several follow-up studies. The polyp, which belongs to the Corallimorpharia (Anthozoa) and had formerly been added to the genus of Pseudocorynactis, was still an unknown species. The collection of Naturalis and preliminary studies of Dr. Koos den Hartog, a Corallimorpharia expert who worked many years for Naturalis, allowed the description of the polyp Paracorynactis hoplites (Ocaña et al. 2010). Since then, I have studied biological and ecological aspects of P. hoplites.

Several Indo-Pacific asteroids are subject to intensive collection for the ornamental trade and some populations are under severe pressure. Sea stars are commonly dried and sold as souvenir to tourists or manufactured into bathroom decorations for foreign markets. Little is known however, about the ecological effects of collection and I have studied population dynamics of the commonly targeted sea stars, such as Archaster typicus, Linckia laevigata and Protoreaster nodosus. Furthermore, as collaborator with SeaLifeBase, I have made ecological information and underwater photographs of sea stars (and other Echinoderms) publically available.

Left) Souvenir baskets with dyed sea stars; Middle) Storage room with thousands of dried blue linckia's, Linckia laevigata, in the Philippines; Right) Archaster typicus decorating photo albums in a bookstore in Germany. 

Reef fish and marine biodiversity

The Philippine seas, located in the center of the coral triangle, have an unusually high biodiversity. I have recorded and photographed more than 1000 fish species in the Davao Gulf and this number is still increasing. Several of these species are first records for the Philippines or remain to be named. One of the newly discovered species is the goatfish Upeneus nigromarginatus which is thus far only known from the Davao Gulf. To make new information available, I collaborate with FishBase and add biological data and ecological knowledge to its database.

Fish are an important source of protein for millions of people in coastal areas in the Philippines. With a continuously growing population, natural resources have become overexploited and fishing pressure has dramatically increased. Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) provide a solution by excluding certain areas from fishing and allowing fish to grow and reproduce. After several years of protection, MPAs usually become units with increased fish biomass and high biodiversity. Furthermore, MPAs export fish and larvae to adjacent areas (the spillover effect) supporting small-scale fisheries. I have supported the establishment of a range of MPAs and studied their fish density, biomass, and species diversity.

Fish catches represent the status of fish populations and therefore I have initiated studies on fish markets. Landed fish have become smaller over the years and a shift from typical target families to other fish families has been observed.

Left) Juvenile fish sold on a small plate; Middle) MPAs support high fish biomass; Right) Chaetodon punctatofasciatus (Chaetodontidae) measured at a local fish market.




  • Comparative Anatomy of the Vertebrates, American University in Cairo
  • Directed Research, School for Field Studies/Boston University
  • Ecology, American University in Cairo
  • Essentials of Environmental Biology, American University in Cairo
  • Guided Studies in Biology, American University in Cairo
  • Introduction to Life Sciences, American University in Cairo
  • Invertebrate Diversity, American University in Cairo
  • Marine Ecology, American University in Cairo
  • Marine Parks Management, School for Field Studies/Boston University
  • Tropical Marine Ecology, School for Field Studies/Boston University
Available student projects


Citation details on Google Scholar 

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Selected technical reports

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Marine Biodiversity Calendar 2010

Marine Biodiversity in the Philippines - A photo Calendar for the year 2010