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Aidan Couzens

I am interested in the evolution of morphology with a special focus on the vertebrate dentition. Most of my research integrates quantitative data from three-dimensional data sets (e.g. microCT scanning) of fossil and modern taxa with modelling of morphological evolution to answer questions like: How fast does dental evolution occur? How closely does tooth morphology match functional demands associated with diet? And how do the developmental processes which determine the shape and structure of teeth influence the pace and direction of evolutionary change? Currently, at Naturalis my research is focused on the evolution of dental complexity in early vertebrates, especially fossil sharks and their close relatives (chondrichthyans) as well as fossil bony fishes (osteichthyans). I also have ongoing projects and collaborations working on mammalian dental evolution, particularly Australian marsupials, which is assessing how they responded to major climatic fluctuations over the past 25 million years.


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