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Adam P. Karremans

A.P. (Adam) Karremans, MSc., PhD candidate - Endless forms


Email: akarremans@gmail.com
Phone: +31 (0)71 56 87 713
Room number: C05.41

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I am a PhD candidate at Leiden University and University of Costa Rica - Lankester Botanical Garden.


  • 1rst Scientific Conference on Orchid Conservation at the Machu Picchu Sanctuary. Machu Picchu, Perú. 2011.
  • 4th Scientific Conference on Andean Orchids. Guayaquil, Ecuador. 2012.
  • 31st New Phytologist Symposium. Orchid symbioses: models for evolutionary ecology. Calabria, Italy. 2013.
  • 5th Monocots Symposium: Orchid relationships from species to subfamily. The Bronx, New York. 2013.
  • Séptimo Congreso Colombiano de Botánica. Ibague, Colombia. 2013.
  • NERN Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting 2014 (NAEM). Lunteren, The Netherlands. 2014.

Editorial Work

  • Lankesteriana, international journal on orchidology. Managing Editor. Published by Lankester Botanical Garden, University of Costa Rica.
  • Icones Orchidacearum, Mexico. Editor. Published by AMO herbarium, Mexico.


Research interest

My main interest lies in the subtribes Laelinae and Pleurothallidinae, a large radiation of Neotropical orchids. I am working on several projects including phylogenetic reconstruction based on molecular data, but also floristics and monographic work. Over the previous years, I compiled a molecular phylogeny of this subtribe on which I currently plot fossil, morphological, ecological and pollination data to investigate possible correlations between local species diversities and geographical histories of orchid rich areas especially in Costa Rica, but also the Andean region and Brazil and the Guianas.


Current research topics






Available student projects


Bogarín, D, Karremans, AP, Rincón, R & Gravendeel B. A new Specklinia (Orchidaceae: Pleurothallidinae) from Costa Rica and Panama. Phytotaxa 115(2): 31-41.

Pupulin, F, Karremans, AP & Gravendeel, B. 2012. A reconsideration of the Empusellous species of Specklinia (Orchidaceae: Pleurothallidinae) in Costa Rica. Phytotaxa 63: 1-20.

Karremans AP. 2014. Lankesteriana, a new genus in the Pleurothallidinae (Orchidaceae). Lankesteriana 13(3): 319-332.

Karremans, AP & Bogarín, D. 2013. Three New Species of Dracontia (Pleurothallidinae, Orchidaceae) from Costa Rica. Systematic Botany 38(2): 307-315.

Karremans AP, D Bogarín, M Fernández, CM Smith & Blanco, MA. 2012. New species and records of Orchidaceae from Costa Rica. II. Lankesteriana 12(1): 19-51.

Fernández, M, Karremans, AP & Pupulin, F. 2011. Orchid Pollinaria up close and personal. Orchids 80: 362-363.