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Fast forward:

Wendy van Bohemen

Loan officer


Email: wendy.vanbohemen@naturalis.nl
Phone: +31 (0)71- 751 9307
Room number: C03.13, Darwinweg 2
“I am here for all your loans!”

Being a loan officer creates a different working challenge every day. This is because of the interaction with the staff of museums and scientific institutes all over the world. I communicate with all the parties involved, including collection managers, scientists, exhibition developers, transporters, directors and technical staff.

I manage the whole process a loan has to follow, from the first communication between the person who makes a loan request and the corresponding collection manager or scientist, packing the object in a safe way, arranging the paper work, the shipment of the loan and finally making sure that the loan arrives safely on its destination. From A to Z, every loan finds its way through my hands!


Collection interest

I find myself fortunate in being able to handle a wide range of collection objects. Every collection has its own characteristics, and I take this into consideration for every loan. It depends on the material, the parties involved, the destination, the purpose of the loan, etcetera.


entomology, geology, archive, library, invertebrates, vertebrates