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Rob de Vos

Entomological collections - Lepidoptera (Heterocera)


Email: rob.devos@naturalis.nl
Phone: +31 (0)71-7519304
Room number: Darwinweg 2, room number C03.10
“In the moth collection I feel like being in a candy store!”

Moths have been my passion since I was a young boy and it never left me. Moreover, I like to promote the interest for moths to other people and because there are so many beautiful, interesting and astonishing moth species with amazing stories to tell about, I always manage to attract the attention of visitors and guests of the collection.


My career started in 1988 when I finished my study Biology (taxonomic entomology) as a part time preparator technician of butterflies and moths in the Zoological Museum of Amsterdam (ZMA). From January 2001 I had a steady job in the ZMA as a preparator technician and collection manager of the moths collection. At 22nd May 2011 the ZMA fused together with Naturalis and the Wageningen collection to a new institute: the Naturalis Biodiversity Center. Together with the collection all employees moved with it to Leiden. In Leiden I became the collection manager of all Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths), but this immense insect group was too much to handle for one collection manager, dealing with about 3 million specimens in 35,000 drawers! Recently the Lepidoptera collection is split into two groups to manage: the butterflies collection, which is managed by Mrs. Eulalia Gasso-Miracle, and the moths collection, which is run by me.


Collection interest

I am working in the moth collection (Lepidoptera, Heterocera). Projects dealing with moths with which I am involved are the Dutch moth research by the Workgroup Lepidoptera Faunistics, the Lepidoptera Foundation (Vlinderstichting) and the Papua Insects Foundation (see information in Public outreach)


lepidoptera, expedition, netherlands, faunistics, collection, inventory, new guinea, taxonomy


Workgroup Lepidoptera Faunistics (Werkgroep Vlinderfaunistiek), the Dutch Lepidoptera Foundation (De Vlinderstichting), Papua Insects Foundation (Stichting Papua Insecten), Natural History Museum London, Koleksi Entomologi Papua, Thomas Witt Foundation (Witt Museum), Humboldt Museum Berlin, Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt am Main, etc.

Public outreach

Since 1987 I cooperated with Mr. B.J. Lempke in the publications on the Dutch migratory Lepidoptera and interesting records of indigenous species. This was an ongoing project since 1940 and therefore the longest continuing research on migratory Lepidoptera in the world. In 1993 B.J. Lempke passed away and from that moment I took over this project until 2010. With the knowledge of moth species of the Dutch and Indo-Australian fauna I am consulted many times to identify specimens and pictures.

As a taxonomic entomologist I specialized in the Tigermoths (Erebidae: Arctiinae) of Southeast Asia in general and those of New Guinea in particular. Frequently I publish in entomological magazines with reviews, faunistic overviews and descriptions of new species. I have been five times on expedition in the Indonesian part of New Guinea, Papua and Papua Barat, to study the Tigermoths and other moths of that region. In 2006 I founded, together with some colleagues, the Papua Insects Foundation, which supports the local Biology students studying the insect fauna of their homeland and to initiate respect for the nature around them. The website www.papua-insects.nl supports the activities of the foundation and provides information on the insect fauna with checklists and species pages and a lot more, like history of (entomological) expeditions, a gazetteer, literature references and so on. More than 50 international entomologists are cooperating to deliver pictures, checklists and other information for the website and the website is frequently visited, not only by scientists but also by amateurs, schools and universities from all over the world.

For this activity and the previous activities with the Dutch migratory Lepidoptera and the Workgroup Lepidoptera Faunistics I received in 2008 the honorary Uyttenboogaart-Eliasen Price and in 2011 I received a certificate of appreciation of the Universitas Cenderawasih (UNCEN) in Waena, Papua, Indonesia, for the close cooperation and friendship I have with the students and teachers of the university.


Research interest

One of the aims of the Papua Insect Foundation is to discover and to inventory biodiversity hot spots and areas of endemism (with species that are unique for those areas). This information is essential for nature preservation and can help to indicate important areas which should be protected from logging and cultivation. Making inventories helps to gather information on this and while doing this unavoidably new species are being found and have to be described. I am dealing with the Tigermoths to review, revise and describe new species. Other groups are being dealt with by specialists all over the world. Inventories are not only held during expeditions and field trips but also in important collections like that of NBC and other museums in the world.


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