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Luc Willemse

Head Entomological collections


Email: luc.willemse@naturalis.nl
Phone: +31 (0)71- 7519351
Room number: Darwinweg 2, Room C03.10

Already as a very young kid I have been interested in insects, grasshoppers in particular. With me it is a family thing as my father and my grandfather both were serious amateur entomologists.  It has been my dream to become a collection manager which I only very recently managed to accomplish. In addition I am now also the head of the entomological collections which enables me to make a tiny contribution into educating the general public and showing them that insects are not creepy at all but in fact are the coolest creatures on the planet.


In a way I started my work at Naturalis in 1996 at the former Nationaal Herbarium Nederland (NHN), currently the botanical section of Naturalis. For 15 years I have been database manager  at the NHN, starting as a temporary employee but after some years in a permanent position,  which except for managing a database included more or less all matters related to digitizing collections like policies, protocols, projects etc.  Although I worked at a herbarium, my CV showed that I had experience with and published about various groups of insects. My knowledge of insects, the experience I had gained during my last years at the NHN with leadership and my extensive knowledge about digitizing landed me in my current job.


Collection interest

At the moment I am managing the Orthopteroidea collection which  includes Isoptera, Blattodea, Mantodea, Phasmodea, Dermaptera and Orthoptera s.s. The collection at Naturalis is composed of the former collections of the Zoological Museum Amsterdam (ZMA), Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie (RMNH), Wageningen University (WUR) and the private collections of C. Willemse and F. Willemse. Although the collection contains taxa from all over the world, the stronghold of the collection is Europe and the Palearctic region incl. the Netherlands and South-East Asia. The collection contains type material of taxa described a.o. by Stoll, C. & F. Willemse. Up to 2015 the various subcollections were separate collections. In 2015 the collections have been merged at box level as much as possible. Integrating the collections at specimen level will start in 2015 and will take a number of years. 

As far as digital information about the collection is concerned there is a list available of taxa that are present in the collection. At the specimen level digitisation still has to start. The first group to be digitized will be the type collection.


phasmodea, mantodea, dermaptera, isoptera, orthoptera


I am a member of the IUCN Grasshoper Specialist Group.


Research interest

My research interest centers on the Greek fauna.


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