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Justin Jansen

Vertebrate collections - Aves


Email: justin.jansen@naturalis.nl
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“‘I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.’ -- Albert Einstein ”

In the summer of 1994 I visited for the first time the collections at The Raamsteeg by then the Rijksmuseum voorNatuurlijke Historie. I was gobsmacked when I noticed all the various birds stored in drawers. Few years later I made my return; by then all was stored in the new building, and continued since with regular visits. 

My interest field are the more difficult ‘obscure’ taxa occurring in Europe but most of all in the origin of the collections. Main focus in the past years are birds collected at the Baudin expedition (1800-1804) and birds from the 3 voyages captained by James Cook.

Not only Naturalis is visited but also the other major and smaller European collections.


Working in the Civil Engineering.


Collection interest

Aves and mammals



Research interest

Currently undertaking a lot of work in all curlew taxa in Europe, on genetics and biomorphilogical characters. Already published a few papers on curlews:

Also the more obscure taxa have my interest.

And historical bird specimens:

And I carry out a lot of avifaunal research. I photographed most rarities collected in the past in Dutch collections, and submitted them if need to the rarity commitee. And I go out for birdwatching and this is resulting in some rare sighting now and then:

Also bird-collectors have my strong interest and on some of them I wrote some papers:

But also additional topics, like catalogues, books or historical paths have my strong interest.


 Some titles are already mentioned above, but these are the titles signed as published for Naturalis.