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Joke Bleeker

Invertebrate collections - Echinodermata, Tunicata & Vermes


Email: joke.bleeker@naturalis.nl
Phone: +31 (0)71- 7517334
Room number: Darwinweg 2, roomnumber C02.08


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Collection interest



 Bleeker, J. & S. van der Spoel, 1988. Medusae of the Amsterdam Mid North Atlantic Plankton Expeditions (1980-1983) with descriptions of two new species. Bijdr. Dierk. 58 2: 227-258.
page(s): 249 

Van der Spoel, S. & J. Bleeker, 1988. Medusae from the Banda Sea and Aru Sea plankton, collected during the Snellius II Expedition, 1984-1985. Indo-Mal. Zool. 5 2: 161-202.
page(s): 183

Bleeker, J. and Spoel, S. van der 1992. Catalogue of the Polychaeta collected by the Siboga Expedition and type specimens of Polychaeta in the Zoological Museum of Amsterdam. Bulletin Zoologisch Museum Universiteit van Amsterdam 13(13): 121-166.


Spoel, S. van der, Schalk, P. H. and Bleeker, J., 1992. Clio piatkowskii, a mesopelagic pteropod new to science (Gastropoda, Opithobranchia). Beaufortia 43(1): 1-6.


van der Spoel S., Bleeker J. & Kobayasi H. (1993) From Cavolinia longirostris to twenty-four Diacavolinia taxa, with a phylogenetic discussion. Bijdrage tot de Dierkunde 62(3): 127-166.
page(s): 140 



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