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Christel Schollaardt

Head Botanical collections / (In-)Vertebrate collections


Email: christel.schollaardt@naturalis.nl
Phone: +31 (0)71-75 19 224
Room number: 1.06
“En Tibi Perpetuis Ridentum Floribus Hortum : Zie hier een je eeuwig toelachende bloementuin ”

 When I was a child, my grandmother used to take me for long walks, naming every plant we came along. I was fascinated by her knowledge, and even considered studying biology, but ended up studying library sciences and later on numismatics. But life has its ways and now I am  head of the botanical collections at Naturalis since a year.

I spent most of my career at the Geldmuseum and its predecessor, the Royal Coin Cabinet. First as librarian and later on as collection manager and Head of the department of Collections and Research.

At Naturalis, we preserve the largest herbarium collection of the Netherlands, over 4 million plants!, most of them dried flat and attached to sheets. Much more unknown is the fact that we also preserve a large collection of economical and ethno botanical items. I consider it a challenge to highlight these collections and stress the importance in the upcoming years.


Geldmuseum: Head of the Department of Collections & Research 2006-2012

Royal Coin Cabinet: Collections manager 1995-2006, librarian 1988-1995

Ministry of Welfare, Public Healthj and Culture, librarian. 1985-1988

Library Sciences, 1981-1985



Collection interest

Economic Botany, Ethno Botany, Historical Herbariums


economic botany, ethno botany, collection-management, historical herbariums

Public outreach

President of ICOMON

Board member Section Collections Museumvereniging

Borad member of Nathist