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Training and consultancy

The IT organization at Naturalis is the product of combining research, collection, education, museum and IT in a single institution over many years.

We provide a knowledge center for biodiversity information modeling, data mapping, metadata standardization, description and design of taxonomic databases and biological research collections.

To share this knowledge Naturalis offers training courses on systems, software or toolsets that it develops itself or in partnership. Examples are: Atlantis BioXL, Brahms, Linnaeus NG. We also offer courses on biodiversity data modeling, automated cleaning, data enrichment and data publication.

Our consultancy service helps to identify key algorithms and to implement these within e-identification tools (apps, portals). We can also advise on complex digital collection management issues, big data management and the preservation of digital heritage.


Would you like to know more? Then please contact Jeroen Snijders, jeroen.snijders@naturalis.nl for further information.