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Quality control

Maintaining a high level of quality in industrial digitization.

Industrial digitization primarily focuses on quantity. Seven million objects have to be digitized within a period of five years using the budget provided. However, the quality of the work must also satisfy the standards set. Quality checks therefore take place throughout the entire digitization process.

Risk analysis

Based on the processes in the digistreets, checks have been incorporated into the entire chain of digitization, automated processing, and sustainable recording. A risk analysis has been performed for each subsidiary process and on the basis of this measures have been formulated to minimize the risks. These measures have subsequently been included in the various subsidiary processes. By randomly checking all processes we minimize the risks of objects being forgotten, barcodes being used twice, and data and images of inferior quality being produced.

Saving time

Various measures have been taken to minimize the time needed for performing quality checks without compromising the quality of the work performed. First of all a system of sampling has been introduced (in accordance with the ISO standard), which determines the total number of samples that need to be checked. In addition, software is used to simplify quality checks in the streets and to automate these where possible.