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Digitization on demand

Naturalis invites requests for collaborative digitization projects.

Collaborative digitization

Naturalis has acquired digitization expertise while running the current large-scale digitization project. This expertise and the capacity of our digitization team can be of use to other institutions as well. Naturalis therefore welcomes initiatives for cooperative digitization efforts. An example of such cooperation is the digitization of the African Bee collection.

African bee project

Some 20% of the FCD target was available for ad-hoc collection digitization, including collaborations with other institutions. One such collaboration is the African bee collection, which has been digitized at the request of the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB). Naturalis researchers are not currently working on this collection and so it was not prioritized for digitization. The SAIAB, however, does work on African bees and was interested in using the Naturalis collection for their research. Both institutes have now agreed to share the costs of digitizing the 12,000 African bees in the collection of Naturalis so that this information will become digitally available for both SAIAB and Naturalis, and other researchers as well.

New requests

Naturalis can also digitize collections of other institutions, which often lack the specialized equipment and expertise to digitize at an affordable price themselves. If you are working on a taxonomic group that is currently not prioritized for digitization or your institution is looking for a way to digitize its collections, you can request a collaborative digitization project by contacting us via expertcentrum@naturalis.nl. We are open to custom-made digitization solutions.