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The Bioportal gives access to our digitized collection. It currently contains 4 million objects, in future all 37 million objects will be available for research.

Basic data of all objects can be found in the Bioportal on http://bioportal.naturalis.nl. On top of that, some objects include fully illustrated species descriptions of scientifically validated quality. The Bioportal makes our huge source of high quality data available for biodiversity research by scienitists and naturalists worldwide. 

Special collections such as the Von Siebold collection from Japan or our extinct birds collection are highlighted and accessible through an individual menu. 

In future, observations of the naturalist community in The Netherlands will be added to the Bioportal, making it the national gateway to biodiversity information from past and present. 

The Bioportal uses the national biodiversity database, the Netherlands Biodiversity API (NBA). This database contains all 37 million collection objects, 7 million of which on a highly detailed level.