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Naturalis library

Naturalis has a large library. We have huge numbers of books and journals on the natural world and biodiversity, ranging from leading international journals in our disciplines to popular science books.

The library is at two locations: the Naturalis Library and the Botanical Library. Both locations are closed for the public. Once Naturalis museum completes its rebuilding operations mid 2019, the two library collections will be combined into a single new collection. During these  operations our services are very limited.

You can find all the publications we hold by searching N=Library. Open access publications are included.

Special collections

A special room in the collection tower – the Rare Book Room – has been set aside for valuable and vulnerable paper materials. In addition to rare books, this room also houses the scientific and correspondence archives and a large collection of prints. The tower is climate-controlled so as to provide the best possible storage conditions for these paper treasures.

Many books can be consulted via the digital international platform Biodiversity Heritage Library, where you can find all the special works held by natural history libraries around the world.


All items published by Naturalis or our own researchers are publicly available through the repository

Dutch natural science journals

The Netherlands has a wealth of periodicals and journals providing reliable information on Dutch biodiversity and geodiversity. Many papers from over 65 journals and periodicals are digitally available via natuurtijdschriften.nl, a platform jointly set up by the Naturalis Biodiversity Centre and various clubs and societies.


Naturalis Library
Tel.: +31 (0)71 751 9668
e-mail: library@naturalis.nl