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Press releases

Our natural history collection is very important for biodiversity research. And that means Naturalis Biodiversity Center, being the Netherlands Centre for Biodiversity, is regularly in the news.


Naturalis researcher Koos Biesmeijer appointed professor


Ancient peoples shaped the Amazon rainforest 


Biodiversity is not bothered by national country borders


Bioquality hotspots: A new conservation toolkit tropical Africa 


How pygmy moths started diversify 100 million years ago more 1050 species alive today


Indigenous insect benefit from exotic plant


Shifting pollinator distributions


Pollinators vital our food supply under threat


Fossils: Mystery of the earliest tool-makers from Sulawesi, Indonesia


The need to name all forms of life


Half of all amazonian tree species may be globally threatened


Innovative disclosure of 19th century explorer diaries


Evolution peaks on tropical mountain


Forgotten fossil indicates earlier origin of teeth


New species of leafminer on grapevine in Western Cape came from wild grape


From pecan to walnut: American leafminer invades Italy on a new tree


Oldest ever engraving discovered on 500.000-year-old shell

01.12.2014 Distribution of fungi mainly influenced by climate and soil
10.07.2014 Running for life: How speed restricts evolutionary change of the vertebral column
27.03.2014 Students on field course discover new spider species
27.03.2014 New species discovery, description and data sharing within 30 days
26.03.2014 Malaysian microjewels going extinct as they are discovered
26.03.2014 Neck ribs in woolly mammoths provide clues about their extinction
17.10.2013 Half of all trees in the Amazon are made up of just 227 species (Science)
05.09.2013 Prize winning bio art at Raamsteeg 2
23.04.2013 Naturalis Biodiversity Center starts T. rex expedition
15.11.2012 American Oak Skeletonizer moth invades Europe on planted Red oaks
13.11.2012 DNA from extinct bird provides new insight
11.10.2012 New cave-dwelling reef coral sheds light on coral-algal symbiosis
26.09.2012 Borneo expedition yields thousands of DNA samples and more than 160 new species
04.09.2012 Expedition investigates origin of unique species on Borneo
11.06.2012 Velvet Spiders Emerge from Underground in New Cybertaxonomic Monograph
29.05.2012 Living pigment, urinary diary, food time machine, plant with a voice
12.03.2012 Cell Zoomer reveals hidden world of cells
27.02.2012 Italian vineyards invaded from North America by new species of leafminer
16.02.2011 Semporna may have richest marine biodiversity in the world
28.01.2010 The Netherlands starts the International Year of Biodiversity 2010 by launching new Biodiversity Centre

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