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Naturalis Biodiversity Center employs a team of over 100 experts. The team’s strength lies in its unique combination of expertise, skills, equipment and facilities, which are also of value for external parties.

Naturalis services

To curate and make a large collection accessible means we have to excell in: 

Services to society

We assist businesses, government authorities and other organisations in society:

Other examples of Naturalis Biodiversity Center contributing specific expertise and skills can be found in the box

We envisage many more possible applications of our expertise and skills in the future.


Naturalis Biodiversity Center has a very extensive network of contacts in the field of biodiversity. Nationally, and above all, internationally.

We are pleased to be able to seek recourse to our colleagues’ expertise and know-how if we lack specific expertise in-house. Questions from all walks of life can help point us in the right direction for building new expertise and skills. And we prefer doing this together with others.

Obviously there is a reason why we are offering our services: we want to safeguard and, where possible, expand our unique collection and associated knowledge for future generations. In this way we can ensure that essential information on life remains available and valuable to society as a whole. And that, eventually, will benefit all of humanity.

If you have any questions or want to explore opportunities for cooperation, please contact the Expert Center, Mrs Ate-alma Cohen, tel. +31 - 71 - 56 87 687 or mobile +31 - 6 44 193 182, e-mail expertcentrum@naturalis.nl or


Expert Center

Mrs Ate-alma Cohen
tel. +31 - 71 - 56 87 687
mobile +31 - 6 44 193 182