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In four sectors we deliver results with respect to collection management, museum, ICT, research and education.

Collection Sector

Naturalis manages the national natural history collection comprising 37 million plants, animals, fungi, rocks, minerals and fossils. Together with the archives and libraries the objects form an important resource for information, research and knowledge. The Collection Sector focuses on the sustainable conservation of the collection and on making this accessible. One major project has been digitizing all 37 million objects including 7 million in high level detail. Another key task is facilitating collection-related geological and biodiversity research.
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Research and Education Sector

Using the collection, researchers in the Research and Education Sector carry out groundbreaking research and provide academic education for the University of Amsterdam, Leiden University and Wageningen University. Research is realized in the field of systematics, on themes related to the evolution of organisms and their spatiotemporal characteristics, and in application-driven areas.
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Public and Marketing Sector

The Public and Marketing Sector focuses on the creation of a variety of exciting and educational stories and experiences in the museum, at school, at home and in the countryside. It realizes this through exhibitions, apps, educational websites, events and lesson programs for elementary schools, high schools, vocational and higher education.
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ICT Sector

ICT focuses on digitizing information about the collection and other aspects of biodiversity, making this information available and usable, and linking it to other digital sources

Digitizing the collection