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Delta Plan Biodiversity Recovery

Posted on 27-11-2017 by Hilde Pracht

Koos Biesmeijer, scientific director Naturalis: “With a grand diversity of parties, strong for biodiversity!”

An important step towards the recovery of the Dutch biodiversity has been taken. On the 21st of November, a whopping 18 leaders from the Dutch agri- and horticulture, retail, agro-industry, nature and environmental organizations and of course science, successfully met. Together, they set up plans for the restoration of the Dutch nature, which state now loudly and clearly calls for rapid action. Naturalis was represented by dr. Koos Biesmeijer, its scientific director.

The meeting resulted in the ‘Declaration of Driebergen’, which states that all parties will jointly develop a Delta Plan for Biodiversity Recovery for the green space of the Netherlands. Summer 2018 the plan has to be ready. The drawn up letter of intent will be presented to minister Schouten of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality.

Naturalis is pleased with this nice step towards a recovery plan for our biodiversity: “especially because biodiversity concerns every single one of us, and now we are finally going to address it with a socially broad approach”, says Koos Biesmeijer. A recovery plan is needed, because it is not going well with a lot of Dutch animals and plants. The flora and fauna is under pressure and decreasing. This counts for the flowering plants, insects, meadow and field birds, but also for the soil life. And although the latter is not as visible as a nice bird, it is crucial for cleaning up nature and the growth of plants.

Photo: soil life is crucial for the growth of plants

The current condition of the Dutch biodiversity is a threat to the natural capital and a healthy soil, which in its turn forms the base for sustainable nature and agriculture. So, a restoration of the biodiversity is also in our own interest! Biesmeijer, who himself researches the interaction between bees and plants, explains: “This is a good start for bees and other insects, but also for ourselves, because without bees, less fruit for us!”

Photo: the hairy-footed flower bee: without bees, less fruit for us!

So: time for action! In the new plan, collaboration is a priority and acting in the importance of biodiversity is rewarded. The upcoming months will be used to further mastermind the whole. Also a big group of stakeholders will be involved: “with a diversity of parties, together strong for biodiversity!”

See the letter of intention, signed November 21st (in Dutch). Louise Vet, president of the NERN, singed the letter on behalf of all associated researchers, among which Koos Biesmeijer of Naturalis.

More information, like background documentation and the original press release, can be found here (Dutch)