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Take a look, there is wonder everywhere

Posted on 10-11-2016 by Yuri Matteman

Today is World Science Day, for peace and development. 

It is also the day after the US elections, leaving the world stunned and polarised. As head of education of Naturalis Biodiversity Center, one of the largest natural history museums in Europe it makes me think about our educational goals. They fit so closely with the theme of World Science Day 2016: Celebrating Science Centres and Science Museums. Keywords are: wonder, curiosity, dialogue, inspiration, resilience, bringing people together and catalysing research.

I believe science centers and museums should be strongholds for an inclusive society, in which people can be curious and inquisitive, have different opinions and show respect for each other, whoever we are. The educational mission of Naturalis summarises this concisely: we will discover biodiversity together. Whatever you feel, whatever you know, there is always more to be thrilled about, more to learn and more to investigate.

In a time in which emotions seem to take the upper hand, we should keep taking this mission very seriously. If we really want to safeguard our planet, live together in peace and with respect for each other, we can do even more than increase enthusiasm for nature. We can show that if you look to the world with an inquisitive and open mind there is wonder everywhere. This is personally fulfilling and together we can leave the world a better place.
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