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Naturalis always open with Google Street View

Posted on 02-07-2015 by Astrid Kromhout

Would you like to wander through the museum, peacefully, all by yourself? Are you intrigued by the contents of that mysterious collection tower?

Now is your chance, because with Google Street View Naturalis is always open. And not only that: six depots in the collection tower and two floors of the historic Raamsteeg building can be visited online as well. And that is really special. We are the first National History Museum in Europe that makes its scientific collection accessible through Google Street View. The rooms are not open to the public - but now they are.

While browsing through the museum and the collection, you will encounter a number of clickable objects that reveal a razorsharp photo and background information. Two virtual expositions are made, one with which we guide you along our top pieces in the museum and the other in which you are educated on island evolution. If you zoom in, you will find the most beautiful details. How precise was the famous researcher Maria Sibylla Merian when she coloured her beautiful illustrations of butterflies? How many whiskers did the Tasmanian devil have?

Have fun!

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