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Initiative Report: bringing together Naturalis ideas on innovation

Posted on 05-04-2011 by Redactie

As you may have read in previous blogs, staff members from all over NCB Naturalis spent the past few months on an in-house expedition, exploring how we could regenerate the museums permanent exhibitions. We have now compiled an Initiative Report, based on our research and the results of our brainstorming sessions, deliberations, meetings and symposiums. We are pleased to present this report to you, together with all the accompanying sub-reports.

The report may be of benefit to other museums, both in their procedures and as a source of inspiration, while it will also give museum visitors and museum lovers an idea of the new direction planned for the museum.


The globe

The globe

We view this innovation as an organic and positive change. One that reflects the present day, while also looking at the past and the future. Change is also natures most essential quality. And it will be the all-embracing theme of the new NCB Naturalis: our research and our collections basically focus on monitoring, classifying and trying to understand the dynamics of nature that have been ongoing on this planet for millions of years and that have resulted in the present-day diversity. It is only logical, therefore, that the theme of the new Naturalis is change.

Expedition into content, visitors, crown jewels and conveying knowledge

A brief impression of the topics covered by the Initiative Report. In other words, the results of our expedition into Innovation.

We explored our core business, talking to leading scientists in our fields, both in and outside NCB Naturalis. Instead of focusing on a major, overarching concept the new Naturalis will develop many more autonomous and smaller exhibitions, with one all-embracing theme: change.

We investigated what our visitors want. We know our current target group and will continue to focus on this target group in the new Naturalis, but we also identified new target groups. We now know what these groups like and dislike in the present-day Naturalis and what they expect from the new museum. And we will take that into account.

We studied the basic principles of conveying knowledge and education. We formulated objectives, educational viewpoints and principles for conveying knowledge, based on symposiums and museum visits all over the world.

Skull cap Pithecanthropus from the Dubois collection

Skull cap Pithecanthropus from the Dubois collection

We looked at our collections with a fresh eye and discovered a whole range of treasures, must sees and our own crown jewels, all with unique accompanying stories. And we will make more use of these.

We investigated the virtual component of the new Naturalis, where there will be a flexible digital layer overarching the actual exhibitions. A layer that can move in line with the latest developments, and will add greater depth and enrichment to the exhibitions.

We considered whether to open up our storehouses to visitors and decided that we should instead become an open museum. That means that much of what is happening behind the scenes will now come to the fore, starting with our LiveScience experiment from 28 April 2011.

We hope you will enjoy reading the main conclusions set out in this Initiative Report.

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