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And the name of our T. rex is..

Posted on 02-06-2016 by Redactie

In 2013 we excavated a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton in Montana, America. This legendary carnivore will be exhibited from september onwards at Naturalis.

Preparation of the fossil is as good as finished. In the past two years we have learned a lot  about this specimen. She appears to be a T. rex of old age: A grand old lady. And the bones have been preserved exceptionally well! In the exhibition T. rex in Town her whole medical background will be presented. How to call this beatifull T. rex? A name often mentioned is the one we are giving here. Today, 2th of june 2016, we proudly present the name: Trix

Do you want to look Trix ‘in the eye’? Order your tickets for T. rex in Town here.

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