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Texas VII

Posted on 15-03-2017 by Becky Desjardins


I can’t believe that my trip here is almost done.  Eight weeks. When I arrived it was sort of warm and sunny with some grey days, and now it is very warm and sunny with almost no grey days.

The Texas state flower, the bluebonnet (Lupinus texensis), has bloomed in huge carpets of color, and lots of migratory birds have returned.

I started this project with three goals: to prepare for Naturalis, to do work for the Jackson School Museum of Earth History, and to learn a few new things. All these have been accomplished. I have nearly forty specimens to send to Naturalis. I prepared another twenty or so for here, and taught 10 students how to prepare. I also did a little bit of work in the collections here, and repaired some mounted skeletons that had broken over the years. As far as learning, I learned a tiny bit about preparing fossils, but mostly learned all about staining, preserving, and CT scanning bird syrinxes.


I have also seen 12 new bird species, eaten many, many tacos, bought a pair of cowboy boots and enjoyed the craziness of the South by Southwest festival. However, I have to admit: one thing about America is that the coffee is WEAK. So, I am ready to come back home, drink some good strong coffee, and return to washing whale bones at Naturalis.


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