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Researchers assemble in Borneo

Posted on 10-09-2012 by Redactie

The past few days, more and more researchers arrived in Borneo. Expedition leader Mennowas therefirst: "All is well here. I am doing some purchases, preparing my pick-up for heavy duty and I'm practising with the malaise traps (traps for insects, ed.) that I have brought at the request of Kees van Achterberg (Naturalis entomologist, ed.). Setting up such a contraption on the sloping forest floor between man-high ginger plants in the rain, reminds me of the lesser successful camping holidays."

It's not all work and no play: yesterday there was a kick-off party to enable all the Dutch and Malaysian participants to get to know eachother.

Mediateam Apart from the researchers, a mediateam from Naturalis is also travelling with the expedition. Kris de Greef is our cameraman, he is going to follow the expedition holding a camera. We hope to be able to show you short movies on this blog. Joris van Alphen is also holding a camera,making photographs. He's a photojournalist, writing the weblog for National Geographic in Dutch, and for Scientific American in English. The same blog that will be posted here. Laura Stek is a radio journalist, who is also writing for this weblog. She's making radio items for Dutch VPRO Radio.

Now the real work is beginning, stay tuned!