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Naturalis Biodiversity Center works throughout the world in partnership with many commercial and public organizations.

Beeld en Geluid

Beeld en Geluid takes care of the storage of all data of the digitised Collection objects. This provides an independent backup of our original data.
Beeld en Geluid


Brahms (Botanical research and herbarium management system) is a research and collection management system for botanical collections. Naturalis is a partner in the consortium that is working on the system's further development.
Botanical research and herbarium management system


Naturalis participates in the Cultural Coalition Digital Sustainability (Dutch acronym CCDD), a knowledge network in which cultural heritage institutions work together to keep digital objects and information about these available for the long term.
Cultural Coalition Digital Sustainability


At a European level, structural collaboration takes place with other large natural history institutions within the Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities (CETAF). The consortium focuses on sharing best practices, developing standards, exchanging knowledge, agreeing on the formation and digitization of collections, and developing joint projects.
Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities


Naturalis is participating in the Caribbean Netherlands Science Institute on St. Eustatius (CNSI). There joint research will be realized with the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Royal Tropical Institute, Leiden University (Archeology) and Imares (Wageningen University). An educational museum facility will also be set up for the people on St Eustatius.
Caribbean Netherlands Science Institute

Global collaboration digital biodiversity information

At a global level, the collaboration mainly focuses on consolidating knowledge about natural history collections, such as in GBIF, BOLD, Catalogue of Life, GenBank, Zoobank, Mycobank, Scratchpads, EDIT, Linnaeus, Encyclopedia of Life, Biowikifarm and the Platform for CyberTaxonomy. Naturalis participates in these consortia in various ways and focuses on the development and sharing of knowledge and infrastructures for collection management, and data disclosure and processing.

Groene Cirkel Bijenlandschap

Naturalis is a partner of Groene Cirkel Bijenlandschap. Governments, business, science, citizens, farmers, beekeepers and site managers collaborate with a.o. more food and nesting sites for pollinators. Naturalis is science partner and assists actively helps with the public campaign. Groene Cirkel Bijenlandschap is part of Groene Cirkels.
Groene Cirkel Bijenlandschap


Naturalis is structurally collaborating with various independent data collecting organizations (IDCOs), such as the Netherlands Entomological Society, Dutch Butterfly Conservation, etc. There are particularly close ties with the EIS (European Invertebrate Survey) which is housed at Naturalis and in exchange for this provides knowledge for collection management and research.
Independent data collecting organizations

ISSC - Universiteit Leiden

ISSC is part of Universiteit Leiden, which is a long-term partner for Naturalis. ISSC supports several services of our ICT infrastucture. Together we organise workshops and knowledge sharing events.


Together with the Dutch children's television program Klokhuis, Naturalis has developed the website and app Dierenzoeker and it manages these as well.


We have a cooperation agreement with Watercycle Research Institute (KWR) in the are of "Biodiversity & Water". They are currently working in three innovative research projects, which involve, among others, the use of environmental DNA (eDNA) as a new means of monitoring aquatic biodiversity. The projects aim to develop instruments to support (end) users in defining well-founded objectives; and to assist them in evaluating measures taken to meet the requirements of (inter)national legislation and policies, like the European Water Framework Directive.
Watercycle Research Institute 

Museum Boerhaave

Naturalis en Museum Boerhaave hebben de network for all ICT support. Naturalis ICT support takes all ICT calls and settles these. Naturalis also acts as Internet Service Provider for Boerhaave via the connetction of SLIB. This is the first step in a Museum network. 
Museum Boerhaave

Museum group Leiden

For several decades the museums in Leiden have worked together closely in the areas of education, promotion and back office. The structure and established consultation within this collaboration has yielded various ongoing initiatives that have partly become national in nature such as Museum Monday and the Museum Youth University. Museum and School is one of the best examples of joint programming and harmonization for the promotion and organization of school visits.
Museum group Leiden
Museum Monday
Museum Youth University
Museum and School

Naturalis After Dark

Naturalis After Dark are interdisciplinary events for adults in which nature, art, philosophy, literature, comic, film and science meet. Every event has a different theme. Not only employees from Naturalis are speakers at After Dark, but also from other research insititutes, Universities or even from Rijkswaterstaat.
Naturalis After Dark


In 2010, ten Dutch museums with a natural history department set up a foundation: the Stichting Nederlandse Natuurhistorische Collecties (SNNC). These museums work together in the areas of collecting, managing, researching and presenting collections. The foundation also supports scientific research in the areas of plant and animal life in the Netherlands and biodiversity in the Netherlands.
The Stichting Nederlandse Natuurhistorische Collecties


We participate in the EU project SYNTHESYS, an integrated European infrastructure for natural history collections. On the SYNTHESYS website you will find information about this program, the participating institutions, the possibilities for grants and applications.


Naturalis is a partner in Talentkracht, a research program of seven universities investigating the talents of children (3-14 years) in the area of science and technology. It has been set up to provide professionals and parents with insights and instruments for the development of talents.


Naturalis is a partner of Technolab Leiden (public, structural, extra school visits).
Technolab Leiden


Temporary exhibitions

Naturalis produces, manages and leases temporary exhibitions in collaboration with Koninklijk Belgisch Instituut voor Natuurwetenschappen (Brussels), the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle (Paris), Experimentarium (Copenhagen) and various other partners.

The Leiden Museum Night

The Leiden Museum Night is an initiative of a Leiden student association that also organizes the event in collaboration with the museums.
Leiden Museum Night

The Sieboldhuis

The Sieboldhuis , the Japan Center in Leiden, was set up by Naturalis in cooperation with the National Museum of Ethnology to be able to exhibit the Japanese collections from both museums and, in particular, the collections of Von Siebold. The other partners involved are Leiden City Council, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Japanese companies.

Tomato 150+ project:

With a large number of companies, Wageningen University, the University of Amsterdam and the Beijing Genomics Institute, Naturalis is mapping the genetic diversity of the tomato.
Tomato 150+ project
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Naturalis is a partner in the Virtual Lab Plant for Breeding (VLPB) in which seed breeding companies and research institutes work together with the aim of creating a sustainable research and knowledge infrastructure.
Virtual Lab Plant for Breeding


Naturalis is an active member of the Association of Science Centers (VSC). A network of science museums and science centers in The Netherlands and Vlaanderen to bring science and technology to the general public.
Association of Science Centers (VSC)