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DNA barcoding

DNA barcoding lab

Our DNA barcoding lab offers high-throughput processing of biological samples. Also explore the possiblities of our Geolab, our Morphological lab, and other facilities.

DNA barcoding lab


Understanding Evolution

The team of Understanding Evolution studies how the interplay of interactions determines evolutionary processes.

About Understanding Evolution


Christel Schollaardt

Head Botanical collections Personal page


Tahiti sandpiper

Tahiti sandpiper

The only existing specimen of the extinct Tahiti sandpiper, Prosobonia leucoptera, collected in 1773 during the second voyage of Captain Cook.

Our museum provides the general public with easy access to knowledge on nature and its huge diversity and beauty. It also provides insight into the processes going on in nature.

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The Loom of Life by Menno Schilthuizen The Loom of Life, Unravelling Ecosystems, by Menno Schilthuizen € 74.30 Book Amazonia by Frank Wesselingh Amazonia: Landscape and species evolution, by Carina Hoorn and Frank Wesselingh € 152.00 Boek De Nederlandse bijen De Nederlandse bijen, deel 11 van Natuur van Nederland, door Theo Peeters e.a. € 49.95 Book The Species Seekers The Species Seekers, Heroes, Fools and the Mad Pursuit of Life on Earth, by Richard Coniff € 18.00 Book Linneaus Philosophia Botanica Linnaeus' Philosophia Botanica, by Carl Linnaeus € 84.00 Field Guide to the Damselflies of New Guinea Field Guide to the Damselflies of New Guinea, Brachytron, by Vincent Kalkman € 10.00 Book Through Eugene Dubois eyes Through Eugène Dubois' Eyes, by Paul Albers and John de Vos € 49.00 Cover Nature's Nether Regions Nature's Nether Regions: what the sex lives of bugs, birds and beasts tell us about evolution, biodiversity, and ourselves, door Menno Schilthuizen. € 26.95

Nature apps

Bird Birds of Europe € 10.99 Flora Flora of the British Isles € 14.99 Turtles Turtles of the world € 8.99 Lemurs Lemurs of Madagascar and the Comoros € 4.49 Whale Whales, dolphins, seals and other marine mammals € 6.99 Butterly Butterflies of North-West Europe € 6.99 Reptile Reptiles and amphibians of the British Isles € 0.00 Herbivore European Large Herbivores € 0.00